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Forest, lake, sun, peace and quiet – only one thought comes to mind in such an atmospheric place: It’s time for a picnic!

There is nothing more relaxing than time spent amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle, with good food and good friends. Celebrate leisure time in a slow life style!

Cottage core is a collection inspired by nature, its idyll and tranquillity. White, blue and yellow are colours that have positive connotations and fit in perfectly with the sunny atmosphere. The simple embellishments on dresses and shirts are a reference to meadows, full of wild flowers and greenery.

Our designers also used a pattern that was very fashionable in the 50s – the vichy check, which, placed on the set, creates a unique summer look.

Casual styles are an important feature of the collection. Thanks to these, in the Cottage core clothes we feel laid-back, which is exactly what we are looking for when living in a slow style.

We also carefully selected unique accessories to match the character of the clothes. They complete every look. Mules and woven bags in earthy colours are perfect for a picnic. Light beiges and warm browns are a timeless colour scheme that lets you combine these accessories with many outfits.

The Cottage core collection is now available in selected Mohito stores and at


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