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LPP S.A. Press room Over PLN 200 thousand from LPP clothing brands to support hospitals from Kraków and Pomerania in fighting the epidemic

Over PLN 200 thousand from LPP clothing brands to support hospitals from Kraków and Pomerania in fighting the epidemic


Brands from LPP portfolio – Reserved, Mohito and Cropp – summed up the activities carried out as part of a special charity action, thanks to which over PLN 200 thousand was donated to specialist hospitals in Kraków, Gdańsk and Gdynia. The collected amount, generated from the sale of the Eco Aware and Joyful collections of these brands, was earmarked for the purchase of equipment and protective measures necessary to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

In response to signals concerning the need for protection measures in medical facilities, LPP has taken a number of actions since March this year to support health centres in the fight against the epidemic. Reserved, Mohito and Cropp brands, owned by the Gdańsk-based company, have also become directly involved in this action, allocating 10% of the proceeds from the sale of its Eco Aware and Joyful collection products to help the hospitals in need. Thanks to the positive response of customers to the charity campaigns conducted by these brands, a total of over PLN 200 thousand was collected. This amount has already been donated to isolation hospitals in the Tri-city and Kraków.

– It is very important to us that thanks to the extra activities undertaken by the brands belonging to LPP, we can also financially support health institutions, especially those operating in our immediate environment. In hospitals, which are on the front line in the fight against the effects of the epidemic, these needs are enormous. We are all the more pleased that such initiatives as the transfer of part of the proceeds from the sale of products from our brands’ collections have met with such a positive response from our customers. Thanks to this, the pool of funds raised supported facilities from Kraków and Gdańsk, as previously announced, but also rendered it possible to extend this assistance to include the isolation hospital in Gdynia – comments Patrycja Zbytniewska, President of the LPP Foundation.

The joint forces and combined proceeds from the sale of the Joyful Collection by Reserved and Eco Aware collection allowed the purchase of a patient monitor and defibrillator for the Pomeranian Centre for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdańsk and a resuscitation unit for cardiac arrest patients under the care of the University Centre for Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia. In turn, thanks to the decision to allocate part of the proceeds from the sale of Mohito’s Eco Aware collection to medical facilities in Kraków, the Department of Infectious Diseases of the University Hospital in Kraków obtained an air decontamination system necessary during the epidemic.

– During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, which we all had to face, the help of donors proved to be particularly valuable to us. We are extremely grateful for every gift, especially if it improves safety and security conditions in the hospital. This is exactly the purpose of the air decontamination device which we have received thanks to the support of LPP. Thanks to its work, we can quickly remove the epidemiological threat associated with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the area of the University Hospital Clinical Department of Infectious Diseases. This modern device sucks in air from the room and then destroys contaminants at the DNA level using a low energy plasma field. Importantly, the whole process can take place in the presence of staff and patients. We are glad that thanks to the donation from LPP we can apply such modern solutions in the hospital – says Marcin Jędrychowski, Director of the University Hospital in Kraków.

The effects of the action carried out by Mohito brand also allowed us to make a donation for the purchase of protection measures for the employees of the Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital, Independent Public Healthcare Centre in Kraków.

– LPP helped us in this difficult time twice: in April, at the very beginning of the pandemic, we received protective masks, and at the turn of May and June – when the epidemiological situation started to improve – masks, gloves and overalls – items that we really needed. We couldn’t thank the donors enough, but even if we do it hundreds of times, it will not be commensurate with the range of help we received from many companies, institutions, foundations, private individuals, including LPP – comments Anna Górska, the spokesperson of the Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital, Independent Public Healthcare Centre in Kraków.

The hospitals in Małopolska will also soon receive half of the income from the ongoing sale of T-shirts from the limited “The future is bright” and “Keep going” collections by Mohito. Thanks to these and many other activities of the Gdańsk-based company conducted as part of the #LPPpomaga campaign, other medical institutions can count on help in fighting the epidemic and as regards purchasing the necessary equipment.


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