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Colour Treats – new capsule collection by Reserved

Colour Treats – new capsule collection by Reserved

It’s time for some colour! Reserved is launching a new collection full of energy, optimism and power. Modern aesthetics meets craft-inspired motifs here. We are well aware of how important colours are, especially on a grey winter day. In the Colour Treats collection they have been given an extra twist and resemble paints squeezed from a tube onto a palette, with which we paint the most cheerful picture possible.

The starting point for working on the Colour Treats collection was the so-called trans-seasonal idea, i.e. the transition from the winter to the spring season. Transitional collections by Reserved used to be more subdued and neutral in order to bind the two seasons together. This time, however, the brand focuses on energetic colours full of vitality. After a relaxing, calm mood, it’s time for some good dose of happy hormones. Dopamine dressing is a strong trend for the coming months and consists of combining strong shades in surprising and often contrasting palettes. It’s fashion’s response to the calm and tranquility we’d so desperately needed in recent times.

Shades of lilac and violet meet saturated pink, deep, juicy green and expressive turquoise, and are interspersed with cobalt and slightly lighter blue. There are different shimmery textures – knitted, pleated and quilted. The designs were created in a way that allows for various combinations of particular elements. There are also sets: knits with trousers or sets of skirts with vests, for example with a miniskirt and a vest with padded shoulders.

The patterns are inspired by crafts. They include are specially designed jacquards with a motif that loosely imitates the regular rhythm of paper piñatas (South American toys filled with sweets) or the painterly tones of a seaside sunset photo for a kilim effect. The colours used only seemingly clash, creating mesmerising, artistic compositions. Various knitted weaves play a major role here: they widen and narrow down, change direction or form an original patchwork in which each patch is knitted in a different weave.

There are also denim elements, but instead of the classic blue, they were created in candy pink (mini-dress), lilac (jumpsuit) and light blue (set of vest plus skirt with belt). The whole collection is smooth, without abrasions or colouring variations, made of denim which is softer than classic in order to fit well in utilitarian yet feminine cuts.

The potential of Colour Treats is skillfully captured in Dorota Szulc’s photographs and Marta Zaczynska’s styling where it is additionally enhanced by the rays of the setting sun and closeness to nature.

The collection will be available in stationary stores and online on 21 January 2022.

Photos: Dorota Szulc @szulcworks
Styling: Marta Zaczyńska @mzaczynska
Female Model: Matylda Sokołowska @matyldka_sokolowska
Makeup and hair: Gor Duryan @gorgeousduryan


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