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It’s time for Kuwait! LPP continues expansion to the Middle East.

It’s time for Kuwait! LPP continues expansion to the Middle East.

The LPP company as the owner of five popular clothing brands: RESERVED, House, Cropp, MOHITO and SiNSAY is finalising its first investments in the Middle East since the beginning of 2015. After Egypt and Qatar the time has come for Kuwait. The company intends to open 30 stores in the region within five years.


The flagship brand of LPP, which is RESERVED, makes its debut in the region as a first one. The showroom was opened at one of the most important commercial streets in the capital of the country – Kuwait City in the beginning of May. The shop is located in a newly renovated building which is a part of the Marina Plaza complex and was granted the status of flagship store due to the latest type of arrangement and prestigious location. The store occupies two floors and covers almost 1,300 m2. It will employ nearly 60 people.


The collection will be based on the typical summer assortment due to the specific climatic of the region. In addition, RESERVED designers prepared special cloths for the Middle East market especially for the most important Muslim holiday – Ramadan (June/July). The planning of the showroom area was special as well – due to the prevailing customs in Kuwait where areas for men and women have to be separated, the ladies’ changing rooms are located on the ground floor, while the men’s are located on the first floor.


RESERVED showrooms previously opened in Egypt, Qatar, and now in Kuwait begin the company’s expansion to the Middle East – RESERVED products will also be available this year in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. LPP together with its local partner Azadea intends to open 30 stores in the region within the next five years.

LPP, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2001, is one of the fastest growing clothing companies. For years it has been consistently carrying out its operations in Poland and abroad, achieving success on the demanding clothing market. The company manages 5 well-known fashion brands, a network of over 1,500 showrooms and creates jobs for nearly 18 thousand people in offices and sales structures in Poland, European countries as well as in Shanghai and Dhaka. The company continually invests in and gains new markets. In 2014, the company advanced to the WIG20 stock exchange index, which generates a significant part of the turnover on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is also listed on the prestigious index MSCI Poland.



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Marta Chlewicka

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