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LPP Logistics’ Fulfillment Center in the Podkarpacie region has begun operations

LPP Logistics’ Fulfillment Center in the Podkarpacie region has begun operations

LPP Logistics has officially launched its new Fulfillment Center in Jasionka near Rzeszów. The new investment, located in the municipality of Trzebownisko, will boost the company’s logistics efficiency, supporting the distribution of e-commerce shipments both domestically and in foreign markets. The warehouse, with a total area of 69,000 square metres and the capacity to store up to 7m items, has been equipped with automation systems, ensuring the handling of up to 100,000 orders per day. The new facility meets the requirements of BREEAM certification at the Excellent level, thereby guaranteeing user comfort and efficiency, while taking into account solutions in line with environmental protection principles.

The new warehouse in Podkarpacie with an area of 69 thousand square metres is a new addition to the distribution network managed by LPP Logistics, which, together with the facility in Jasionka, already comprises eight locations with a total area of over 450 thousand square metres. These include: distribution centres in Pruszcz Gdański, Brześć Kujawski and Gdańsk, as well as five warehouses for online sales in Poland and abroad. For the Gdańsk-based apparel company serviced by LPP Logistics, the new facility constitutes an important step toward streamlining the distribution of e-commerce orders both domestically and for customers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, and the Baltic States.

– From the perspective of the new logistics company, the launch of the Fulfillment Center in Jasionka near Rzeszów is an important moment in the development and expansion of our operational capacity. We are pleased that, despite the difficult geopolitical situation, the facility was commissioned on schedule and is fully adapted to our needs. Thanks to the commitment of our partners and our team, after many months of hard work, consultations and the creation of optimum solutions, we can say that we have achieved success – stresses Kamil Kawałek, logistics network development manager, LPP Logistics.

The innovative solution that LPP Logistics focused on at FC Podkarpacie is advanced technology to support parcel shipping operations to the customer. The applied technology of as many as seven integrated, automatic conveyor lines of packing stations with a shipping sorter not only has an impact on the efficient processing of orders, but also on the convenience of their handling. It was decided that the new warehouse will benefit from a sorting solution that can be found in large courier sorting plants. A cross-belt shipping sorter will allow transporting and sorting parcels to individual regions, countries or courier companies at a speed of over 5,000 parcels per hour. High-quality vision systems, in turn, allow for very high accuracy in sorting operations of parcels moving on the line at speeds as high as 1.6 m/s.

– The new investment will render it possible for us to handle online orders even more efficiently. Located in southern Poland, FC is the perfect so-called “gravity centre” for us to handle the growing volumes of online orders both in Poland and in neighbouring countries. The facility in Podkarpacie is the largest Fulfillment Center warehouse in our network to date, which, providing simultaneous storage of up to seven million items, will allow us to present our customers with a very wide assortment of products in online stores. We have implemented new automation solutions in the facility, guaranteeing the speed of the shipping process and smooth handling of e-commerce orders. This, in turn, will streamline warehouse operations and shorten lead times, as well as increase the efficiency of our daily cooperation with couriers. Ultimately, this translates into convenient shopping and customer satisfaction, as we are able to provide them with efficient service even during peak periods such as Black Friday or seasonal and holiday sales – assures Sebastian Sołtys, vice-president of LPP Logistics.

The FC Podkarpacie building meets the requirements for BREEAM certification at the Excellent level. The investment, with a total area of 69,000 square metres, has been surrounded by flower meadows and plantings of trees and shrubs, and the warehouse spaces have access to natural light in 30%. The building also benefits from specialized systems to reduce the facility’s water consumption by a min. 65%.The choice of location and the solutions used allow not only to reduce the impact of the facility on the environment, including an additional reduction in CO2 emissions. Already at the design stage, the impact on the well-being and health of its users was taken into account. Lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation installations have been optimized to ensure the comfort of employees. Also with this in mind, a number of amenities have been introduced at the site, including two bus lines connected directly to the warehouse.

Since the beginning of the year, as in the case of its other warehouse facility locations, LPP Group has implemented a local social support programme in cooperation with the Trzebownisko Municipality, which consists in organization of joint initiatives for the benefit of the municipality’s youngest residents. Together with the local authorities, the Group supports education by funding school starter kits for first graders, scholarships for the most talented students and organizing extra-curricular English classes.

LPP Logistics also plans to conduct research and development activities as part of the new investment. The concept is about logistics and IT specialists creating volume predictions, conducting research, developing and managing advanced robotics-supported systems to help face the challenges posed by an omnichannel sales strategy.

The investment was developed by Panattoni – the leader in the industrial real estate market in Europe. The developer has already delivered facilities totalling 170,000 square metres for LPP in Poland. – Two fulfillment centres opened within four months is a considerable support for our business partner – LPP Group. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see such a clear contribution to the growth of a Polish brand. Once again, in challenging times, we have proven to be a guarantor of stability, providing a strategic, technologically advanced facility with a very large area, perfectly tailored to the customer’s expectations – says Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director at Panattoni, and adds – The  opening of the fulfillment centre is also great news for Rzeszów and the entire Podkarpacie region. The international scope of the investment confirms the huge potential of this location, which will attract more operators in the future.

The video presenting LPP Logistics’ new warehouse facility in Podkarpacie:


LPP Logistics is a logistics operator managing LPP Group’s procurement and distribution network comprising distribution centres and Fulfillment Centres with a total area of nearly 450,000 square metres. It operates on three continents providing a full range of logistics services – from sea, rail and road freight, through the operation of its own customs agency, to advanced warehouse logistics using modern systems such as WMS, warehouse automation and Warehouse Intelligence solutions based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

LPP is a Polish family business and one of the fastest growing clothing companies in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. For 30 years, it has been successfully operating in Poland and abroad, offering its collections in such prestigious capitals as London, Helsinki or Tel Aviv. LPP SA manages five fashion brands: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito, and Sinsay, whose offer is available today in stationary and online stores in nearly 40 markets worldwide. The company has a chain of over 1800 stores with the total area of 1.5 million m2 and distributes clothing and accessories to 3 continents every year. LPP also plays an important role as it employs over 24 thousand people in its offices and sales structures in Poland, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the WIG20 index and belongs to the prestigious MSCI Poland index.