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The LPP Foundation and Cropp with a unique project for Disney’s 100th anniversary

The LPP Foundation, the Cropp brand and Disney joined forces to collaborate on a project resulting in a clothing collection inspired by the characters from the cult Star Wars saga. Children looked after by three Gdansk foundations were invited to participate in the project that allowed them to develop their interests and learn about the fashion industry behind the scenes, under the guidance of designers. This is yet another project carried out as part of the “Fashion for a Better Start” programme run by the LPP Foundation, which aims to equalise social opportunities and demonstrate that – with the right support everyone has the potential to succeed and can pursue their dreams.

The LPP Foundation has been involved in social initiatives for years, particularly focusing on helping disadvantaged people, children and youth. This time, fifteen wards from the Gdańsk Foundation for Social Innovation, the “Ognisko Nadziei” Foundation for the Family and the “Rodzinny Gdańsk” Foundation had the opportunity to work with designers from Cropp (part of the LPP Group) in the creation of the latest clothing line. The unique collection inspired by the iconic Star Wars universe was created on the occasion of Disney’s 100th anniversary.

We are delighted that Disney invited us to participate in a project to mark its 100th anniversary. Not only did this collaboration aim to create original clothing, but above all it sought to support young people who often have a difficult start in adult life. This initiative combines a passion for fashion with an important social message. Our goal was to show that everyone is important and has a lot to offer the world, regardless of their life experiences. At the same time, we wanted all project participants to have a chance to express themselves, develop their talents and find their own development path – emphasizes Patrycja Zbytniewska, social policy and non-financial reporting leader at LPP, president of the LPP Foundation.

The cooperation with Cropp and Disney is another iteration of the “Fashion for a Better Start” programme. It is one of the LPP Foundation’s original projects, launched in 2021, which is in line with the organisation’s statutory objective of preventing social exclusion. It addresses the most urgent needs of children, providing funds for health or educational support, but also strengthening motivation in developing talents and competences.

Each project we carry out with the LPP Foundation creates a space fostering young people’s development. The activities of the Fashion for a Better Start programme make a significant difference to children’s reality – not only giving them the chance to improve their skills and passions, but also to gain courage and boldness, which is an extremely important element in building self-confidence. This initiative has become an inspiration, but also a confirmation that with the support we receive, everyone can develop and achieve great things – adds Marianna Sitek-Wróblewska, CEO of the Gdańsk Foundation for Social Innovation.

The works on the Fall/Winter 2023 Cropp and Disney collection began in March this year and lasted several months. During this time, the young participants attended six meetings – including four creative workshops and a trip to Disney’s headquarters in Warsaw. The visit was a chance to get to know the world of Star Wars, which became the main theme of the collection, but also an opportunity to learn more about Disney company, which has been telling stories for more than 100 years, capturing the hearts of audiences around the world.

Disney has been inspiring generations for 100 years! It drives the imagination and helps discover the power of dreams. To celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary, we invited the wards of the LPP Foundation to collaborate on the collection, while giving these young people a safe space to express themselves. This is yet another initiative by Disney Poland in which young people have a chance to try something new and gain further experience. We would also like to thank Cropp for the fruitful cooperation – says Marta Szafrańska, communications and CSR director, The Walt Disney Company CEE.

As part of the creative process of this unique collection, the young people were invited to experience it at its various stages. After defining the theme together, the teenagers worked with the Cropp design team to select the garment elements and took part in all phases of implementation. They were able to demonstrate their creativity during the planning of inspiration boards, or so-called moodboards, learnt about the process of preparing design documentation, and actively shared their creative ideas, which were reflected in the clothing and accessories. The range included garments such as trousers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps and socks – each featuring iconic characters from the Star Wars universe. The entire collection is kept in a monochromatic colour scheme, based on contrasting black and white, alluding to the atmosphere of the saga.

–  We have made every effort to ensure that the clothing and accessories are not only visually appealing, but also durable. Modern manga-style graphics were applied using a variety of techniques, including printing, woven appliqués and embroidery. We used the out-of-the-box ideas of the teenager participants, who excelled in their new role. Their exceptional creativity combined with original designs emphasising the dynamics of the characters from the world of the saga resulted in an extraordinary collection of street fashion that perfectly matches the trends promoted by Cropp – summarises Piotr Urban, product manager Cropp.

The new clothing line made its debut in mid-November this year and is available both in Cropp stationary stores and online.


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