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CR 08/2019 The information on dividend

The information on dividend

Current report no.: 08/2019

Date: 07.06.2019, 11.58 am


The Management Board of LPP SA announces that on 07 June 2019 the Annual General Meeting adopted resolution no. 17 on the distribution of profit for the financial year 2018, under which the net profit generated by the Company in the financial year 2018 in the amount of PLN 592 294 929.66 (five hundred and ninety two million two hundred ninety four thousand nine hundred twenty nine zloty 66/100) was allocated as follows:

  • PLN 110 065 020.00 (one hundred ten million sixty five thousand twenty zloty 00/100) to be divided among the shareholders as dividend,
  • the remaining net profit amounting to PLN 482 229 909.66 (four hundred eighty two million two hundred twenty nine thousand nine hundred nine zloty 66/100) to be excluded from division and allocated for the Company’s supplementary capital.

The Annual General Meeting of LPP SA resolved that the dividend date (date of establishing the list of shareholders entitled to the dividend) is 18 June 2019, the dividend payment date is 27 June 2019.

The number of LPP SA shares entitled to dividend is 1 834 417, one share of LPP SA accounts for the dividend of PLN 60.00.