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CR 11/2020 Dividend information   

Dividend information   

Current report no: 11/2020

Date: 30 March 2020

Time: 5:06 pm


The Management Board of LPP SA with its registered office in Gdańsk informs that, on 30 March 2020, the Board adopted a resolution in which it decided to recommend to the Supervisory Board of LPP SA and the Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders of  LPP SA that a dividend for the financial year ended on 31 January 2020 should not be paid.

In its decision, the Company’s Management Board focuses on the well-being of its employees and its intention to preserve workplaces and ensure the Company’s financial liquidity in the current difficult market situation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

The above-mentioned application will be delivered to the Supervisory Board of LPP SA for opinion purposes as required under § 33(3) of the Company’s Articles of Association and Article 382(3) of the Commercial Companies Code and presented for consideration by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders as required under Article 395(2)(2) of the Commercial Companies Code and § 33(1)(3) of the Articles of Association of LPP SA.