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CR 31/2023 Election of a Member of the Management Board of LPP SA

Current report no: 31/2023
Date: 17.11.2023
Time: 1:48 p.m.

The Management Board of LPP SA, with its registered office in Gdańsk (the “Company”), informs that on 17 November 2023, the Extraordinary General Meeting of LPP adopted a resolution on the appointment of Mr Mikołaj Wezdecki to the Company’s Management Board to act in the capacity of Vice President of the Management Board.
Mikołaj Wezdecki has been associated with LPP since 2022 where, as the Director for Digitalisation, he has been in charge of the digitalisation process and policy for the development of the e-commerce area and the establishment of new standards and synergies in the development of the brands’ online platform.
Previously, from 2006 to 2019, he was affiliated with RTV EURO AGD, an electronics and household appliances retailer, where he built one of the largest online retail stores for consumer electronics and household appliances in Poland.
Since 2019, he has been involved with the Modivo Group as a member of the management board and director for the e-commerce area, where he launched the new sales platform, one of the leading online platforms in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, he actively participated in the development of the company’s strategy and in the process of acquiring an investor for the company, eventually going with SoftBank, the world’s largest investment fund.
He was born in 1983. He graduated from the Higher School of Management and Marketing in Warsaw and the Academy of Leadership Psychology at the Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology. He also holds an Executive MBA degree from the Warsaw University of Technology.
Mikołaj Wezdecki is not engaged in any activities competitive to the Issuer’s business, he is not a partner in any competitive civil law company or partnership, he is not a member of any governing bodies of a competitive capital company or any other competing legal person.
Mikołaj Wezdecki is not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained pursuant to the Act on the National Court Register.