Refurbishment of the children’s home in Malbork

We have been working with “Rodzinny Gdańsk” Foundation, which runs children’s homes in Pomerania, for more than 10 years already. In just one week, we organised a comprehensive refurbishment of rooms for 28 wards and equipped the premises with new furniture. Sinsay brand also joined in, providing the children with additional home decor accessories. This is yet another of our charitable actions, demonstrating the power of volunteering and the purpose of helping.

“Fascynacje” Foundation

Our cooperation began with a conversation about financial support for the renovation of the foundation’s premises. A metamorphosis of the therapeutic common room and specialist rooms was carried out by our volunteers. The Foundation’s charges can now spend time and receive therapy in friendly, cosy and beautiful spaces!

So Stay – the first socially responsible hotel

In 2014, LPP was involved in the construction of Poland’s first socially responsible hotel, which has been operating in Gdańsk since 2015. It is a place where charges of children’s homes run by the Foundation for Social Innovation in Gdańsk learn how to be independent and gain experience in working in the tourism and hospitality industry as part of internships and apprenticeships. LPP made a donation funding the construction of So Stay.