Health protection


Fundacja Oparcia Społecznego Aleksandry FOSA

“Niebieskie Trampki” is a project from the Alexandra FOSA Social Support Foundation, designed to prevent suicide among children and young people. In cooperation with the city of Gdańsk, the Metropolia Gallery and FOSA, we have launched the “Niebieskie Trampki w Metropolii” club, where teenagers can get support and psychological assistance while spending their free time in a creative way under the guidance of specialists. The venue is fully funded by the LPP Foundation, which since 2022 has been a permanent partner of the programme, launched with the opening of the first facility of this kind at FORUM in Gdańsk.

In addition, every year we support a concert to celebrate the first day of spring, “Niebieskie Trampki – kroki ku życiu”, during which young people can take part in creative workshops and consult psychologists. In 2023, we were also a partner of the “Sit and Talk” public awareness campaign, addressed to adolescents and their parents, to prevent self-aggressive and suicidal behaviour.


St. Nicholas Day and Children’s Day at the Prokocim Children’s Hospital in Cracow

Twice a year (on Children’s Day and St. Nicholas’ Day), employees and workers from LPP’s Cracow headquarters go to the University Children’s Hospital in Cracow and hand out small gifts to young patients. During a recent visit, the volunteers visited more than 20 hospital wards and handed out small gifts to the patients.


Cushion sewing

Together with the 3maliny Foundation, we organised two editions of the action of sewing cushions and covers for Redon bottles for mastectomy patients. Such covers relieve pain, protect the operated area and promote lymphatic flow, while the bottle allows the patient to move freely after the surgery. In total, we sewed exactly 415 cushions and 816 covers. The fruits of our efforts were shared with the patients of, among others, the Regional Oncology Centre in Gdańsk and Pomeranian Hospitals. A very important element of the event is the opportunity to broaden the knowledge of breast disease prevention and self-examination.


Blood collection

Blood collection actions are very popular because helping is easy! Since 2017 already, together with the team from the Regional Blood Donation and Haemotherapy Centre, we have been organising blood collection initiatives at Łąkowa street. To date, 966 people have taken part in them, and in total we have donated almost 434 litres of blood!


Cooperation with “Polanki” Chidren’s Hospital

In 2021, we funded a children’s playground within the premises of Polanki Children’s Hospital in Gdańsk. In 2022, in the area surrounding the playground we created a recreational area for children and parents. In addition to financial assistance from the LPP Foundation, also “WolontWariaci” volunteers made their active contribution over the period of six days. More than 80 people took part and successfully created the place dedicating over 400 hours to this end. In addition, as part of the cooperation, the LPP Foundation financed the purchase of three portable ventilators for children with chronic respiratory failure. In December 2023, we prepared 200 gifts and wish cards for children who were hospitalized during the Christmas season. Each year, the LPP Foundation strives to respond to the most urgent needs of medical facilities.


Mosty Foundation

The LPP Foundation funded the first edition of the project “In the labyrinth of emotions” which consisted in workshops for children and youth at risk of social exclusion and struggling with difficulties of the adolescence. Thanks to the donation from the Foundation, 15 people received psychological support. In 2023, we co-created the next edition and additionally engaged in a new project to conduct preventive mental health activities with young people attending Gdansk schools.

Environmental protection and ecology


“Paka dla Zwierzaka”

Together with Paka dla Zwierzaka Association, we care for the fate of unwanted animals, including dogs and cats. Thanks to the donations made, the Association carries out educational activities, but above all rescues and organises medical treatment for neglected animals.


Cat Houses

We completed already the 5th edition of Cat houses, an action that consists in renovating and insulating cat houses located on the premises of the former Gdynia Shipyard S.A. Volunteers who get involved in this action paint, assemble, screw in and make new ones for the benefit of stray cats. Thanks to this action, over 120 cats living there will spend the next winter in safe conditions.


“Zwierzętom w Potrzebie” Foundation

We are not indifferent to the fate of these less domesticated animals, which are taken care of by Zwierzętom w Potrzebie Foundation. The Foundation rescues and gives medical treatment to wild animals. Thanks to our support, an enclosure was built for ungulates. The LPP Foundation also donated funds for the annual maintenance of the elk taken care of by the foundation, organising continuous treatment, rehabilitation and food.

Tackling social exclusion


Working with community organisations in Dolne Miasto

We work with a number of community organisations from Dolne Miasto in Gdańsk. In June we are involved in the “Summer at Dolne Miasto” event, with creative workshops for the local community. In December, during the “Christmas at Dolne Miasto” neighbourhood festival, we had our own stall where anyone could design their own Christmas card. Last but not least, we organised a ceramics bazaar at the LPP headquarters on Łąkowa Street. All the proceeds were donated to the ToMy café, which employs people with disabilities and who are at risk of social exclusion.

In collaboration with the Foundation, we have opened eight “Zaczytane” libraries and equipped a further five in health and care institutions in the Pomorskie and Małopolskie voivodships. The activities related to book collection enrichment for the libraries was complemented by a large book collection organised at the LPP headquarters. Over the course of three weeks, our employees donated more than 800 books, which were given a second life and then distributed to such libraries throughout Poland. In addition, we launched a fairy tale therapy – a project in which LPP Group employees volunteer to visit health care facilities and, with the use of therapeutic fairy tales, run meetings for children.


Anna Dymna’s “Mimo Wszystko” Foundation

In 2023, we were co-organizers of the 23rd edition of the National Festival of Theatrical and Musical Creativity of People with Intellectual Disabilities “Albertiana”, carried out under the auspices of the Anna Dymna “Mimo Wszystko” Foundation and the Brother Albert Foundation. In addition, every year we organize a Santa Claus Fair at our headquarters in Cracow, during which LPP employees can buy handicrafts made by the wards of the Anna Dymna Foundation.


Support for social economy entities

Commitment to supporting the development of social economy entities is just one element of the key objectives of LPP’s social activities for people at risk of exclusion. Working with these entities gives us a real chance to support the local community and pursue our mission of doing business with those in need in mind.

In 2023, we organised another edition of “Social Coffee” to support organisations promoting the professional development of people with disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion. This year, we invited three cafés to work with us: “Kuźnia” from Gdańsk, “Frapp&Go” from Kraków and “ToMy” from Warsaw. Our staff could bought coffee and cakes from these cafés at preferential prices, and we paid the rest. A total of 1,500 slices of cake and 1,250 cups of tea and coffee were sold. The entire amount was earmarked for the development of a business model that serves social economy tasks.

In addition, we obtained support from the “Kuźnia” Café for the “Summer at Miasto Dolne” event. The participants were able to purchase coffee for a symbolic amount, with the rest paid by LPP. In December, we provided space in the LPP office for the ToMy Café to organise a Christmas fair. Our staff were able to purchase vouchers for workshops and ceramics created by people with disabilities.


Sorting room

“Sorting House” is a project that combines social and vocational activation, while supporting our pro-environmental activities. The program is the result of long-term cooperation between the LPP Foundation and the St. Brother Albert’s Aid Society. Its premise was to create work stations for sorting used clothing collected for several years now in LPP brand stores and successively transferred to people in crisis of homelessness through the Society. Since the project was initiated in March 2022, more than 11 tons of clothes have been sorted, with more than 7 tons in 2023, involving 28 people from the Gdynia Social Integration Center.