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LPP Foundation supports Children’s Homes in Malbork

LPP Foundation supports Children’s Homes in Malbork

LPP Foundation and employees of the Polish clothing company supported 2 Children’s Homes in Malbork which are part of the “Rodzinny Gdańsk” Foundation. In just one week, it organised a complete renovation of the rooms for 28 children and equipped them with new furniture. The youngest brand of the Polish manufacturer, Sinsay, also joined the campaign and provided children with additional home decor accessories. This is another charity action of the company, which demonstrated the power of the company’s employee volunteer work and the sense of helping.

LPP and the “Rodzinny Gdańsk” Foundation have been cooperating since 2013. Since then, the Polish clothing manufacturer has repeatedly supported the foundation financially, subsidised holiday trips and, together with its employees, helped to equip the first four homes for children in foster care.

“For 8 years now, LPP has consistently shown us that we can always count on their help and invaluable support from the company’s employees. Without them, our institutions would not exist and today would not be home to so many wonderful young people who suffered at the hands of fate. We knew we could count on their help again this time and we were not disappointed. The scale of support exceeded our wildest expectations”, says Rafał Tomaszewski, director of the “Rodzinny Gdańsk” Foundation.

In May this year, two Children’s Homes in Malbork joined the “Rodzinny Gdańsk” Foundation at the request of the Malbork District. The condition of the facilities required immediate renovation, replacement of furniture and retrofitting. LPP Foundation quickly organised and funded a construction team to carry out the necessary work and provided funds to purchase furniture for the rooms.

“As soon as we received a message from the “Rodzinny Gdańsk” Foundation about the need to support their 2 newly acquired facilities, we immediately started to act. Also, we did not have to heavily persuade our employees, who, as always, declared their willingness to help. In total, 25 volunteers assembled furniture for all 14 rooms in just one Saturday”, says Patrycja Zbytniewska, President of the LPP Foundation.

The Polish clothing manufacturer, in addition to financing the renovation of the rooms in both facilities, purchased a total of 28 beds for children, 14 wardrobes, desks and chests of drawers. The youngest LPP brand, Sinsay, also joined the campaign. It decided to donate bedding, blankets, towels and other home decor accessories to the children in both homes, so that each room would be even more cosy and, apart from standard furnishings, give the children a bit of joy.

“Our employees show an enormous amount of kindness. When the information about the action to support the Malbork institutions spread internally, the Sinsay brand immediately declared its willingness to join the project. Since recently, its range has also included interior design elements that have been popular with young people. They are colourful, pleasant to look at and give the interior what is most important – cosiness. They are a perfect complement to the rooms of the two facilities”, adds Patrycja Zbytniewska.

Thanks to efficient cooperation, the renovation and assembly of the furniture was completed in just one week, when the children were on holiday.

“The children’s reactions touched our hearts, the smiles and surprise on their faces were priceless – this is a driving force for our further activities and explains the sense of helping others”, concludes the President of the LPP Foundation.

The LPP Foundation has been working since 2017 mainly for people in need of support and at risk of exclusion in Pomorze and Małopolska. It helps children and young people in a difficult life situation and people with illnesses. It also supports health care facilities and works for the environment and environmental protection. Last year, it carried out the biggest charity action in its history #LPPhelps, which aimed to combat the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The amount of support reached nearly PLN 7 million at that time. More about the LPP Foundation at


LPP is a Polish family company, and one of the fastest growing in the clothing industry in Central and Eastern Europe. For 30 years, it has been successfully operating in Poland and abroad, selling its collections in 25 markets, including such prestigious capitals as London, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Moscow. LPP manages 5 clothing brands: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay. At the end of 2020, the company had a network of over 1,800 showrooms with a total area of 1.4 million m2. The brands’ online collection is available in 30 markets. Based on a global supply network, the Polish clothing manufacturer distributes more than 259 million garments annually across 3 continents. LPP also plays an important role by creating jobs for nearly 22,000 people in offices and sales structures in Poland, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as part of the WIG20 index and belongs to the prestigious MSCI Poland index.