Percentage of more sustainability relative to the total weight of the raw material

CottonPolyester Cellulose fibres





Protecting animal welfare

We have undertaken a number of initiatives in order to have an impact on animal welfare. We entered into an agreement with the Open Cages organization, which involves our permanent commitment to giving up natural furs, and joined the international Fur Free Retailer initiative.

Currently, 100% of the feathers used in our collections comply with The Responsible Down Standard, which aims to protect the ducks and geese used in down production.

We also use recycled and virgin cashmere sourced responsibly by The Good Cashmere Standard® (GCS), an independent sustainable cashmere standard developed by Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), which aims to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, farmers’ working conditions and protect the environment.


renounced in 2014

natural fur

renounced in 2016


renounced in 2020

Standards used for material certification

We want to be credible, so wherever possible we choose more sustainable materials that are certified or provide assurance that they have been created in a more environmentally friendly way.

GOTSGlobal Organic Textile Standard

The standard for organic materials, such as cotton and linen, sets extensive environmental and social criteria.

GRSGlobal Recycled Standard

The standard for fabrics containing recycled fibre, e.g. polyester, based on environmental and social criteria.

OCSOrganic Content Standard

The standard for organic materials

RCS Recycled Claim Standard

The standard for fabrics containing recycled fibre