Since 2017, we have been gradually changing our packaging policy, eliminating single-use plastics and replacing them with cardboard or recycled paper or reusable or recyclable plastics.

All these measures have enabled us to reduce the use of single-use plastics since 2017.

In recent years, we have eliminated single-use plastic from the packaging in which we deliver online orders to our customers.

We have replaced foil wraps with boxes produced from recycled cardboard and envelopes made from recycled paper.

We have replaced plastic air bags and bubble wrap traditionally used to secure the contents of a parcel with paper fillers made from recycled waste paper.

We are also successively reducing the amount of raw material used for packaging. Their size is now adapted to the contents of the parcel.

All envelopes in which e-commerce orders reach our customers are made of FSC-certified paper, which means that the trees used in its production were obtained from sustainable sources.

Cardboard boxes in the shipment to the customer are sealed exclusively with paper tape with water-activated starch glue.

We have eliminated foil from the price tags of our products and replaced the plastic strands that attach the tag to the garment with beeswax-protected string.

We are also successively reducing the amount of raw material used for packaging. Their size is now adapted to the contents of the parcel. Optimising pack sizes in practice also means better space utilisation for courier companies and a reduction in the number of journeys to customers. This indirectly reduces our carbon footprint.

Our collaborations

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

From 2019, we are part of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, a global initiative set up by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in partnership with the United Nations. The agreement brings together over 400 business and government representatives who are working to eliminate plastic waste and pollution.

The Polish Plastics Pact

The Polish Plastics Pact is a cross-sectoral platform for cooperation between companies, industry and non-governmental organisations, bringing together participants in the plastics value chain from the packaging area, such as companies marketing packaged products and retail chains, to recyclers and recovery organisations. The members of the initiative aim to change the current model of using plastic raw materials in packaging towards a closed-loop economy.

The above initiatives are platforms for the exchange of knowledge, know-how and standards that allow us to be an active participant in the global fight against the problem of plastic waste

Since 2023, 100% of our cartons have been recycled or have FSC certification.

In our physical stores, we use solely recycled paper bags with FSC certificate.