Taking care of our customers and their safety is of paramount importance to us

Suppliers producing collections for us must adhere to the detailed guidelines contained in the “LPP Quality Guidebook”. The document lays down the quality standards, describes the procedures for conducting inspections, as well as required tests and methods. We have also introduced a rule for our suppliers to approve the list of restricted chemicals and banned substances on a case by case basis.

We have set quality expectations according to the AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) standard. Before we place an order, we require suppliers to send us samples and models that are subject to checks before a given product is marketed.

Three offices - in Poland, China and Bangladesh - with quality control teams are responsible for the audits. In addition to the factories in China and Bangladesh, the audits are also carried out in our cooperating factories in Pakistan, where compliance with LPP standards is checked by local inspectors.


quality control in 2023/24 financial year


quality control offices – in Poland, China and Bangladesh


QAS (Quality Assurance System) audits in 2023/24

100 %

of children’s clothing inspected using special metal detectors