We are committed to finding a solution that would allow us to treat used garments not as waste, but as a resource that is reused in garment production – whether multi-material or single-material fabrics. Our goal is to keep raw materials in circulation and thus reduce textile waste and minimise the environmental footprint of a garment once produced.

We are working on innovative technologies to produce yarn from textile waste. Together with Use Waste, a Polish start-up, we seek to develop a scientific method for a scalable recycling of used polyester fabrics based on the idea of making clothes from clothes. This is our next step towards circular fashion and reducing textile waste.

We carried out a project with the Sustainable Fashion Institute (SFI) – a Polish platform that supports brands in building a sustainable future for the fashion industry. As part of a pilot project, SFI assisted us in our search for an effective method to recycle multi-grade materials, allowing them to be reused as full-value materials suitable for clothing production.

Reducing textile waste

The European Environment Agency indicates that in the European Union alone around 5.8m tonnes of clothing are discarded each year. Only 1% of used clothing is recycled with a view to producing new textiles.

To counteract this, we ensure that our production levels are matched to the supply generated by our customers. This is achieved with the use of cutting-edge technology developed by our team of IT experts who, using data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, are able to forecast the level of demand for our collections.

This, in turn, allows us to reduce the amount of clothing ordered from our suppliers and minimise the share of unsold collections.

The garments that fail to attract buyers in our stores are sold to external partners for resale in markets where we do not trade.