at the LPP in 2021 (45.4%
in Poland)


PLN invested to
improve safety in
factories (since 2013)


We are a diverse group of specialists in many complementary fields. What matters to us is development and teamwork.
That is why together we strive to build the image of the best clothing company in Poland and in the world, and to help those in need.


Over the years we have developed the principles that unite us – such as responsibility, openness and respect for others – as well as a creative and informal working environment. We combine the unique competencies of our employees, the professional development opportunities we offer and our shared passion for fashion to create a strong and close-knit team.

We respect human rights at every stage of our business model and we also demand this from our suppliers. LPP’s respect for human rights manifests itself in actions that regulate and promote the dignified treatment of our employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

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We are an organisation that promotes diversity, which we demonstrate in our daily practices by prohibiting employee discrimination and actively working towards diversity. We also committed to this by signing the Diversity Charter in 2019.

We carried out an analysis of the pay gap in our organisation, i.e. the difference between male and female salaries. In 2021 it amounted to 4%, while the value of this index in Poland according to the Central Statistical Office for 2020 is 4.8% to the disadvantage of women.

The entire LPP Group employs 208 people with disabilities. We cooperate intensively with, for example, a group of teleworkers, developing our project for enabling people with disabilities. They help us in numerous HR and OHS processes.


around the world in 2021


the pay gap in our
organization in 2021


employees with disabilities
in the LPP Group


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The year 2021 was a time of intensive growth for the LPP Group, which necessitated recruitment on a huge scale. At the end of 2021 the employment in the LPP Group increased to almost 32,000 people. The dynamics of changes taking place in the organisational structures resulted in carrying out a number of activities aimed at maintaining the effectiveness of the recruitment, implementation and development of employees, as well as team building and management processes.

We have implemented a modern LMS platform that supports the creation of training content, we have increased salaries in the LPP headquarters and carried out the largest number of internal recruitments in the company’s history, and thus vertical and horizontal promotions.

LPP has also cooperated with Divercity+ experts to map DE&I areas and create a Diversity & Inclusion policy. The document will be implemented in LPP in the first quarter of 2022.

In addition, an educational programme for 2022 has been developed. The DE&I Academy is intended to strengthen the building of an organisational culture that is open to diversity and non-discriminatory, but also to facilitate the implementation of uniform standards of inclusive language in communication with stakeholders.


average number
of training hours per employee
in the entire LPP Group

PLN 4 mln

we have invested
in the development of employees


the NPS (Net Promoter Score)
of our development

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The employees of the headquarters have a free gym and bicycles at their disposal, which they can use to move between different locations. LPP has a sports team, LPP TEAM, with running, triathlon and cycling sections. We sponsor its members, enabling them to take part in competitions or buy sportswear.

Taking care of our employees’ health, we enable them to buy half-financed medical packages (for themselves and – in the case of LPP SA employees – also for their families) and a Multisport card.


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One of the biggest HR challenges in 2021 was the launch of the Distribution Centre in Brześć Kujawski and recruitment for its operations. This is a facility that will ultimately employ around 500 people.

For salesperson positions in our showrooms we are looking for people with potential for development, which we understand as an attitude of openness to learning and a willingness to work.

It is people with this attitude that guarantee us a natural succession, as evidenced by the growing percentage of internal promotions.


the salaries of employees
employed at the LPP Headquarters
were increased by this amount


stores we opened in the financial
year 2021/22, providing thousands of
jobs all over Poland and abroad


the number of people employed
in the LPP Group increased
by this amount

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In order to show what kind of employer we are and what kind of development opportunities we offer, we have been conducting employer branding activities for years, cooperating, for example, with universities of arts and technical profile. After the stage of numerous restrictions related to the pandemic, we are gradually returning to the organisation of open days and workshops in a stationary form. We are also organising dedicated competitions for our brands, in which the prizes include the possibility of an internship and we are testing solutions which allow people to apply for creative positions without the need to send in a CV, but which focus on a portfolio. Thanks to this, not only professionals with education, but also people with great potential, experience or simply talent have a chance to fulfil their professional dreams.

At the same time, we have continued our cooperation with art schools, awarding prizes to the best students and graduates and inviting them to internships, partnered with competitions related to fashion (including sustainable fashion) and contributed to thematic events.


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Monitoring the impact of our business activities on the environment, especially in the context of working conditions in developing countries, is an integral part of our operations. This is why cooperation with suppliers is conditional on adherence to the principles contained, inter alia, in the ‘LPP Code of Conduct’.

This is controlled by regular supplier audits carried out by our offices as well as by independent auditing companies. Over the last 8 years we have carried out a number of initiatives with the primary aim of controlling the supply chain, especially in terms of improving working conditions and safety in factories.

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The ‘LPP Code of Conduct’ defines the requirements that must be strictly followed by all our suppliers. The document takes into account the conventions of the International Labour Organisation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and also obliges the suppliers to care for the environment.

The principles described in the Code include:

  • the need to have an appropriate remuneration policy and formal conditions of employment for employees,
  • an absolute ban on the employment of children,
  • voluntary work,
  • freedom of association,
  • equal treatment of all employees,
  • health and safety standards.

new suppliers obliged
to meet the criteria of the
‘LPP Code of Conduct’


audits in terms of health and safety,
working conditions and respect for
human rights in the 2021/22
financial year

PLN 5.6 mln

expenditure on improving
safety at supplier factories
in the 2021/22 financial year


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The LPP Foundation has been supporting pro-social, pro-health and pro-environmental activities for 3 years. Within the Foundation we help organizations operating in Pomerania and Lesser Poland (where our headquarters are located) and their protégés. We focus on projects addressed to: children and young people from children’s homes or in foster care, people at risk of social exclusion, the sick or disabled, people in crisis of homelessness, victims of disasters, natural disasters and armed conflicts. We also support social projects organised in the company’s immediate vicinity.

Regardless of the political or economic situation that affects the company’s operations and our surroundings, the Foundation invariably carries out its statutory activities and supports further projects on an ever wider scale.


items of clothing and 800 pairs
of shoes donated for social purposes
as part of the Foundation’s

0.5 mln

PLN value of support provided
by the LPP Foundation for the project
“Fashion for a better start” for residents
of 17 children’s homes

over 6 mln

PLN total value of the monetary
and material support provided by the LPP
Foundation and LPP Group companies
in the financial year 2021/2022

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LPP employees have been involved in employee volunteering campaigns for years. These are both long-term activities, in cooperation with social partners, and one-off actions. In 2021, 374 LPP Group employees were involved in employee volunteering. LPP employees took part in xxx local initiatives as part of their volunteering.

They helped renovate two Children’s Homes in Malbork, ran creative workshops during the Lato na Dolnym (Summer) Festival with LPP for the residents of the Lower Town in Gdansk, planted trees in Bory Tucholskie, and are regularly involved in activities for wild cats called Kocie Budki (Cat Boxes), during which cat boxes are built and repaired in the former Gdynia shipyard.

Moreover, as part of the mini-grants programme for employees – volunteers, two editions of the competition were held in 2021: a summer one, in which 3 employee volunteering projects were implemented for a total amount of PLN 40,000, and a Christmas one – in which 11 employee volunteering projects were implemented for a total amount of PLN 55,000. In total, the LPP Foundation has donated PLN 95,000 to meet the needs of local communities under the mini-grants.


volunteers have been
involved in the employee volunteer
work of the LPP Group


hours we worked
as part of employee

PLN 95,000

total value of aid activities as part
of employee volunteering under
the mini-grants programme

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